Pleasant viewing spots in Palau Islands

A Palau island is a best-visiting spot in all the season, here you have to get a wonderful photographic section. The waters to enhance the exciting nature of the state, with the waters adding to the natural Beauty apart from the towns and cities. If you are a plan to relax your vacation in the best cooling place, then undoubtedly your best choice is Palau island. This Palau island was satisfied the nature enthusiasts visiting needs. Also, it gives the best refreshment to the mind, and this is the safest tourist place.


The amount of visitors who go to Palau extends to improve with every year. From an average of 83,000 visitors in 2008, the results for 2017 gives more than 122,000 travellers have attended the islands, This almost increased the number of visitor movement in the island in less than a decade. It is assumed that more visitors will come to the islands to explore one of its numerous views and temptations

Palau island is one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the world. This is the most romantic and impressive places to explore. This place surrounding in nature with stunning waterfalls in the environment is a great place for lovers. Palau island has something for everyone to love. Palau Island is the most favourite spot for who loves in nature. This is the best cooling and relaxation spot.  Palau is the best scenic place and comfortable place for couples. Palau has its unique feature you can come and explore your vacation here in summer season. Because of this cooling environment will decrease your body heat.

If you are planning to visit Palau, here are some of the things you can add to your program

Jellyfish Lake

Photo Credits: Feel planet

Location of this marine lake is Eil Malk Island of Palau. It is a UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ) site If you are in Palau don’t miss to visit this jellyfish lake, and  Use the opportunity to swim with a striking collection of trekking golden jellyfishes

Rock Islands


Location of this Rock Islands is Southern Lagoon of Palau, it is a combination of coral uprises or limestone. Several of these stone islands are isolated and you can also see the various attractive shores near the region.

Malakal Island


This is the most beautiful place in Palau, quiet landing, and the place is best for relaxation, beach-hopping. This is really a picturesque place and many varieties of species are there so don’t forget to bring your camera. Here have plenty of visitors facilities. Malakal Island is a foreigner’s favourite tourist place. Don’t miss to visit this beautiful island with your loved ones and it is a best visiting spot in all the season.

Ngardmau Waterfall


This is the most popular waterfall in Palau. Most of the visitors like to visit Ngardmau Waterfall in the summer season.  here you can see and swim in one of the most impressive waterfalls in the extensive group of islands. The entrance fee for the island is $5.

Clear Lake


This is a beautiful natural lake. the place is best for relaxation, beach-hopping. If you are in Palau don’t miss to visit this 12,000 to 15,000 years old lake. Here you have to see lots of birds species. This clear lake is most comfortable for friends and families.



most attractive island in Palau is Koror. Your visit will not complete without visiting a Koror. Here available lots of visitor facilities and fun activities to explore.

Visitors facilities

Visitors have loads of facilities in Palau island, like accommodation near your visiting spots. All Palau visiting spots have restrooms, resorts facilities nearby visiting spots, and hotels with parking facility. In the events of Palau island points on a frequent number of species, and many useful facilities are available here. So you can spend your holidays on Palau island with your loved one.

Palau island is the most romantic and impressive places to explore. Accommodation facilities are available nearby your visiting spots.  Also, it is one of the safest tourist spots. Palau island will make your trip was memorable. So, Definitely, you should visit this beautiful place once in your lifetime with your loved ones.