Nami Island

Namiseom Island or Nami Island could give Disneyland an intense challenge as turning into the most joyful spot on earth, since it drives such a great amount of bliss to any individual who visits the island. It is likewise concurred the status of UNICEF Child Friendly Park, and just the fourteenth such park on the planet! From trigger-upbeat picture takers to couples in adoration, from picnicking families to K-fans, everybody cherishes the picturesque magnificence of Nami Island on the Han River. Regardless of the period, the excellence of Nami Island Korea doesn’t stop and is an absolute necessity visit goal when visiting Korea. 

Nami Island has made a wonderland of sorts where one can wonder about characteristic excellence through its strolling ways, finished nurseries, and lakes. The absolute best spots on the Nami Island are the paths fixed with sequoia trees, pine trees and ginkgo trees. Guests run by the thousand to see the staggering scenes and landscape that has been put on the map on account of Korean dramatizations and amusement. 

Not simply common magnificence, Nami Island likewise has a few cafés to appreciate flavorful nourishment. It offers exercises like biking and speedboat visits, and child well disposed activities like sky-bicycle, UNICEF train, story visit transport and Forest Adventure Treego. 


Nami Island Korea is additionally in nearness to other vacation destinations – Petite France and the Garden of Morning Calm. While it is altogether conceivable to go to all goals by open vehicle, it may be extreme in light of the fact that getting deferred while hanging tight for open vehicle implies you pass up one goal! This is the reason going on a gathering visit is perfect as the schedule is set up in a manner you can make the best of your outing from Seoul to Nami Island. 

The Commute:

Nami Island is only 1 hour 45 minutes from Seoul and is a well known day trip goal, directed at a prudent cost by numerous nearby visits. There are numerous best approaches from Seoul to Nami Island. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of every one of your methods of transport to Nami Island. 

A bus transport takes you straightforwardly from pickup focuses in Seoul (Insa-Dong, Namdaemun, Myeong-dong) to Nami Island. The transport leaves at 9:30 AM at the stops and it costs 15,000(round-trip)/7,500(one-way) ticket. The bus transport leaves Nami Island at 4:00 PM for the arrival venture. 

You can visit Nami Island by private vehicle too and the location to look for is – 1024, Bukan Gangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-weapon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. You can likewise place in the GPS arranges – 37.803750, 127.525389  Stopping the charge costs 4,000 as long as 12-hours. 

This rundown of Nami Island activities covers the most famous spots on the island that have been shot and respected around the world. You can without much of a stretch discover these features on the Nami Island Map and should visit them on a Nami Island visit – 


The Central Korean Pine Tree Lane:

The Central Korean Pine Tree Lane runs directly from the Nami Wharf to Joongang Gwangjang or the Central Plaza. It is one of the main arranged regions you will observe on arriving at the island and shows up the best in fall when the pine tree shed the multi-toned leaves. 


Gong Seung Won Garden:

The most conspicuous nursery on Nami Island is the Gong Seung Won Garden, which has the rules of the darlings in ‘Winter Sonata’. Past that the nursery itself is named for the expression ‘gong saeng’ which means to have the mindfulness that in spite of endeavoring to live epic minutes toward the end we as a whole end up with nothing. 


Ginkgo Trees:

 Ginkgo Trees have been related with life span and it’s no big surprise that couples go for a walk down the Ginkgo Tree Lane and claim their ceaseless love! Toward the finish of the Central Plaza on Nami Island towards the South, this path glances dazzling in pre-winter when its leaves turn a splendid yellow. 

Metasequoia Lane:

Metasequoia Lane is one of the most terrific regions on Nami Island. The tall Metasequoia trees, otherwise called living fossils, ascend to the sky and structure a one of a kind visual of gloriousness. It is a well known spot for photos and was the territory that included in ‘Winter Sonata’. 


Han River:

A fun and exciting approach to get to Nami Island from the terrain is by a zipline that stumbles into the Han River. The zipline takes around 30 seconds to go from tower to the island, unfortunately however the zipline is just a single way and you can utilize it just to get to Nami Island. 


The Long Walks:

An extraordinary method to investigate the island is around the fringe and accepting advances as and when you please. On the stream strolling course you will observe Korean wide open perspectives as you stroll along Bungalow Row Riverside Path, Bungalow Row Korean Ginkgo Tree Lane, Reed Woods Lane, Tulip Tree Lane and White Birch Lane.