Memorable visiting spots in Tahiti Island

The Island of Tahiti is one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the world. This is the most romantic and impressive places to explore. So, most of peoples travel around the state for their honeymoon. This place surrounding in nature with stunning waterfalls in the environment is a great place for lovers. Tahiti has something for everyone to like. Tahiti also is known as Otaheite, This is the biggest island in French Polynesia Windward group. The archipelago of the Society Islands in the central Southern Pacific Ocean is the location of Tahiti. Tahiti is Home to the energetic capital town of Papeete, The island of Tahiti is separated into 2 parts. A  larger part to the northwest(Tahiti Nui), and the smaller, southeastern peninsula (Tahiti Iti). Tahiti Island is the most favourite spot for foreigners. This is the best cooling and relaxation spot.  A best picturesque place and the best place for couples.

Here are some  beautiful islands of Tahiti



The Huahine is also called Garden Island because of Its covers with dense tropical forest. The watermelon fields, banana groves and coconut plantations mostly cover the Huahine.  The Huahine to Tahiti is just 40minutes travel and The Huahine Nui to the north and Huahine Iti to the south these two islands joined by a small bridge. The Huahine has a stunning white sand beach. The white sand beach and the cooling air will attract most of the visitors, the Huahine is best for relaxation, nature, water sports. This is the most comfortable and safest place for families and friends. Visitors have plenty of facilities here like restrooms, resorts, and hotels with parking facility.

Bora Bora


If you are a plan to spend your holiday in the best romantic place with your loved once then undoubtedly Bora Bora is the excellent choice. The Bora Bora comes to our mind when thinking about French Polynesia, The over-water cottages and private shores ideal for honeymooning pairs.  It is truly a volcano island, set in a gorgeous bay surrounded by shining white sand beaches. The lagoon is filled with oceanic life well worth enrobing a snorkel hood and fins to explore. browsing shops, local bars and cafes, these facilities are available here. Bora Bora is approximately 20 minutes away by plane from Papeete. The Bora Bora is best for snorkelling, shopping, and romance.



Tikehau means for quiet landing, and the place is best for relaxation, beach-hopping, and total seclusion. Tikehau is otherwise called pink sand Island.  You should visit a northeastern point of Motu Puarua by boat. You must wear proper shoes or footwear for your safety because of the rocky terrain was slippery. This is really a picturesque place and many varieties of species are there so don’t forget to bring your camera. Accommodation and the hotel facilities are available nearby Tikehau.



The Raiatea has another name of Sacred Island,  this is French Polynesia’s second biggest island. the island is home of several sailboat and boat license firms, you can plan to see the island of Tahiti by boat. This Raiatea is best for scuba diving, boating, and fishing. Here have plenty of visitors facilities. This place is Most of the foreigner’s favourite spot. Don’t miss to visit this beautiful island with your loved ones and it is a best visiting spot in all the season.



This Moorea is one of the topmost honeymoon spots in Tahiti.  Many of the artists live on this beautiful island including carvers, tattooists, jewellers and painters. So, here you have to see several paintings and arts and culture programs. This Moorea is an excellent place for watersports. so, it is the best place who loves the beach and water games. From April to October is the best season to visit. Moorea is a favourite destination for hiking and bike. Moorea is most popular for art and culture, romance and watersports.



This Rangiroa is divers paradise, Because the Rangiroa is one of the deepest atolls in the world, and biggest in French Polynesia.  The visitors who are not interested to spend their time underwater. They have Plenty of fun activities to do. In accommodation facilities are available nearby the Rangiroa. That is most useful for long distanced visitors. The Rangiroa is best for its Snorkelling, scuba diving, atoll-hopping. So don’t miss to see the Deepest Atolls.

Tahiti island is the most romantic and impressive places to explore. Accommodation facilities are available nearby your visiting spots.  Also, it is one of the safest tourist spots. Tahiti island will make your trip was memorable. So, Definitely, you should visit this beautiful place once in your lifetime with your loved ones.