Interesting Facts About Similan Island

Similan Island is located continuous 24-kilometre long chain of nine islands and couple of rocks. Andaman coast in western Thailand Phang Nga district located 70 kilometers apart. A lot of beaches in Similan Island is good for diving and swimming. Beautiful white shorelines and this island is home to Thailand. Here, there is a lot of beaches, amazing shopping areas. So, it is a flawless area to spend your event or swim in tropical sunshine. All the beach lover should make your visit here.

Snorkelling and Diving:

Snorkelling and Diving in Similan Island

Looking for the best spot for swimming and making a dive Thailand – and a champion among the best on earth? This is it! The Similan Islands! Engulf in a national fortune of Thailand. This island is located 85 kilometers from Phuket.The entertainment focus is home to nine islands with long coral sand shorelines and totally clear waters. This is unquestionably the most brilliant scene in the Land of Smiles. A lot of marine life possesses the waters of the Similans including remarkable and imperilled species.

Wildlife protection and Preservation:

Wildlife protection and Preservation

In the year 1982, only one year after the full investigation of the islands, the Similan Islands turned into an ensured National Park of Thailand. From that point forward the Thai Government is confining access to various islands and shorelines to ensure the untamed life on the Islands. Furthermore, the law precludes game angling and business angling in specific territories. These aides in securing the natural life that is completely perfect and extraordinary for Thailand. On the Similan Islands, you will discover different assortments of tropical singing winged animals, reptiles, little critters and astonishing ocean animals that relocate onto the land. The Andaman Sea around the islands is a standout amongst the best-kept mysteries of Thailand. Since the completely clear blue water that is loaded up with marine life, which makes spotting, sharks, barracudas, trigger fish and different Nemo are not an issue. With our assistance, you can locate the best coral reefs for plunging and snorkel and begin pilgrim these devastated submerged universes.

Facts about Similan Island:


The most ideal approach to make a plunge the Similan Islands is from a live aboard vessel. Most of the excursions leave from Khao Lak, yet there are takeoffs from Ranong and Phuket as well. The prescribed length is a four-day four-night trip, however, there are shorter choices accessible. In the event that time is your adversary, at that point from Khao Lak 1 day, two days and three days treks are accessible. The plunging is rich and copious with bigger pelagics being consistently observed among February and April. Current does exist and keeping in mind that amateur jumpers are welcome most administrators might want to see a propelled accreditation or necessitate that you book to take the course on board. Destinations differ from transcending rock city-like-scapes to delicate coral reefs throbbing with life. The permeability is typically amazing and the bounty and assortment of marine life difficult to exaggerate.

Other Island near Similan Island:

Koh Bon

The Similan islands are a standout amongst the most delightful archipelagos on the planet, unblemished white sand shoreline, completely clear water and a phenomenal assorted variety of marine life!! The Similan islands national park is made out of the “Similan islands” 9 islands adjusted from south to north around 70 km from the west shore of Khao Lak. North of the Similan islands, an Islands call Koh Bon is the magnet of the Andaman ocean for Manta beam, Koh Bon will offer you the chance to see the goliath Manta Ray drifting on the highest point of the cleaning station. Koh Tachai the virgin island among Similan and Surin islands national park, is a stunner among every one of these islands. The long white sand shoreline of Koh Tachai is otherworldly, a standout amongst the best plunge destinations of Thailand, Koh Tachai Pinnacle is loaded with delicate coral, every one of our clients allude it as a live aquarium, you will feel encompassed by a school of fish!!

Diving at Similan Island:

The islands are situated around 50km west of the coast in the vast sea and in this manner are open just by vessel. Most plunge vessels leave from Tap Lamu dock, which is only a couple of minutes south of Khao Lak. The best time to visit it from November to April Scuba plunging at the islands is constrained to these months!

Things to do in Similan Island:

Swimming the Similan Islands is an absolute necessity. This happens to be a standout amongst the most well-known approaches to find a decent variety. Jump on the mammoth swimming vessels working day by day. Continuously be up for a touch of climbing or trekking along the edges. It is anything but an enormous trek, little islands can be secured effectively. These treks are extraordinary for investigating. In the event that you are up for a touch of calm time go for flying creature viewing. The island is home to a variety of beautiful extraordinary winged creatures. Pay special mind to the uncommon Nicobar Pigeon just as the White-followed Tropicbird. Additionally, look at the serious Sea hawks and Kingfishers. What about a touch of loosening up following multi-day of swimming and jumping, go Sunbathing on the Similan Islands.

Flora and Fauna:

Nicobar Pigeons

The huge biodiversity of the waters and the salty shorelines of the Similan Islands are astonishing. Look at the assorted fish species. Also the perceivability submerged is as well as can be expected find in Thailand. Go for a jump and you can see a palette brimming with hues, the ocean waters here is possessed by a lot of beautiful fish including lion fish and clown fish. The fortunate ones have even had the option to spot greater fishes, similar to a manta or even a whale shark, not to broil but rather. Astounding assortments of fascinating feathered creatures visit the islands, look out for Nicobar Pigeons, Sea hawks and kingfishers. At that point there are flying foxes, bushy legged crabs, and mangrove screen reptiles. One of the islands, Ko Huyong, encourages the turtle rearing office kept running by the Royal Thai Marines.

Similan island is the amazingly wonderful visiting spot and an incredible spot for who junkie in nature and Divers. In the event that you are intending to spend your getaway in a cooling place, at that point Similan island is the best decision. Try not to miss to visit this delightful Island. You ought to invest some energy with your companions and family.